Lisa Bonito-Day Spiritualist Medium and Independent Funeral Celebrant

Through my own personal circumstances and suffering from bereavement I have been inspired to change my life, my way of thinking and what I can do to help others on their journey.
In 2008, I walked into a Spiritualist Church for the very first time. From Meditation and raising my own awareness to my senses,   I am now able to help others to understand there is more to life than just the ‘physical’ part of our lives in this wonderful Universe we live in.

Until 2013 I had only ever experienced a  funeral within a religious Church setting,  my eyes were opened to a whole new world having listened to an Independent Funeral Celebrant – bringing to life the ‘lifetime’ of a loved one. A time for family and friends to really reflect and find comfort in a Ceremony that would be so meaningful and dedicated to their loved one.

This brings me to the present; a lifestyle I wouldn’t change for the world.
Please feel free to browse and if you’d like any further information on the Services I offer – I look forward to hearing from you.