Lisa Bonito-Day Spiritualist Medium and Independent Funeral Celebrant

Lisa Bonito-Day Hello, and welcome. My name is Lisa Bonito-Day and I am a Spiritualist Medium and Independent Funeral Celebrant based in Derby, covering the local area.

It is through my own personal circumstances and suffering from bereavement that I have been inspired to change my way of thinking, my life and what I can do to help others on their journey.
I was raised as a Catholic and accustomed to experience the reality of death, losing those we love and funerals to be centred around religion. In 2008 after the death of my Nonna, I walked into a Spiritualist Church for the very first time; scared, intrigued and a little sceptical. I welcomed learning more about Spiritualism as a way of life. I began to sit in meditation and development circles, dedicating many hours, all of which then enabled me to begin in developing my ‘gift’ as a medium. After hard work, determination and many questions, I became involved in assisting with the running of the church, joining the committee and in the years following, I was elected as the President for 2 years running. I gained so much in this time. Through demonstrations of mediumship as part of the divine services, I was now able to help others to understand there is more to life than just the ‘physical’ part of our lives in this wonderful Universe we live in and also, as a representative of the Church, I was able to help, guide and support people through their own Spiritual experiences and, indeed, their loss.

Several years on, and now, after the loss of an uncle, my eyes were opened to a whole new world having listened to an Independent Funeral Celebrant – bringing to life the ‘lifetime’ of our uncle. A time for family and friends to really reflect and find comfort in a Ceremony that would be so meaningful and dedicated. It was time for me to relinquish my duties within the Spiritualist Church and embark in a new direction as I trained to be a funeral celebrant.

This brings me to the present; a career I wouldn’t change for the world.
Please feel free to browse and if you’d like any further information on the services I offer – I look forward to hearing from you


Telephone: 07963 932191