The easiest way to describe how Lisa works is that she extends her senses. She will communicate evidence from your loved ones, with detail of their physical life. Depending on the information Lisa receives; it may be significant dates, names, events, a description of how someone looked or giving details of their personality traits. Every reading is different and details may vary from person to person. Sometimes, it is just a reassurance of overwhelming love.

At some point, we will all suffer through bereavement; while the physical body no longer ‘is’, it is wonderful that the ‘Spirit of the Soul’ is able to connect and share the love and just some of your beautiful memories. Mediumship can bring your loved ones so close; offering a feeling of comfort and, indeed, helping to ease the pain and suffering from your loss.

Lisa offers one-to-one sittings, public demonstrations, Church services and charity events.
A one to one consultation can be a combination of psychic connection and mediumship. The sitting will take approximately 40 minutes and is at a cost of £35.



Telephone: 07963 932191